GALLERY THE ARTROPOLIS is an art gallery involved in promoting and selling digital media and photographic art, from limited edition photographs to mixed media artworks. You can select unique images for your business or home environment. Images perfect for hotels, office spaces, coffee shops, spas and even the bedroom or lounge area. View our inspirational photography.

GALLERY THE ARTROPOLIS also offers Art Consulting services and has a dedicated team of artists, photographers and designers who participate in every aspect of your project, from sourcing artwork to artist collaboration and recruiting through to commissioned artwork and management.  Our core team has training and degrees in graphic design, fine art and digital media and stays immersed in the latest trends in fine art, design and business. Their talents have found them collaborating on commissions for clients as well as developing themes and concepts for sites.

GALLERY THE ARTROPOLIS aims to create a platform of cultural dialogue where artists are invited to show their work, drawing together local and emerging artists.

We believe that art should be approachable and for all and that different art forms can be demystified and challenged. In a world of new media, we feel it essential to share with and educate all!