The Artropreneurs

Fuad Hendricks: Owner and ArtropreneurCognac_Fuad_yellow

Fuad Hendricks completed his MBA having finished studies in advanced business management and management sciences. He has vast experience across business management ranging from operations management to business strategy and turning business vision into tangible benefits and success. His specialty lies in IT enterprise solutions and banking, with strong expertise in analysis and strategy. He has driven business strategy both locally and abroad for reputable blue chip and JSE listed companies looking at enabling cost reduction and streamlining processes to ensure a better client experience.

His understanding of business and his ongoing passion for fashion for men to have a variety of shirts that are customised to suit their identity is something close to his heart. Having previously launched the fashionable bespoke sporting apparel, “Atto Athletics” he maintains that across fashion one should always look for an added element to accentuate your identity. Fuad focused on sporting apparel as a keen sportsmen himself believing that in order to look, perform, and feel your best when participating in any sports activity, it is important to choose your clothing wisely.

Leeya Hendricks: Owner and Artropreneur

Leeya Hendricks studied fine art at Witwatersrand University and completed her BA Honours Degree in Fine Arts in 2005 having majored in photography. Leeya participated in the Absa L’ Atelier in 2005 and exhibited her work as a student at various galleries. She also completed a Postgraduate BA Honours Degree in Brand Management & Leadership from Vega in 2006 having majored in strategic communications planning and is a senior marketing, brand management and digital marketing specialist.

She is a global marketer and has worked for renowned brands both locally and abroad in various industries. She is a B2B marketer at heart but has successfully driven marketing programs for both enterprise and consumer businesses. Leeya’s professional practice in business and her continued passion and participation in fine art allows her to bring a passionate and an inspired, market-based perspective to every project. Leeya is an art collector and still maintains an artist production. To date, she still looks at the world through a camera lens where you will see some of her photographs featured on the website that typically communicates her love for travel and how traveling has a huge effect on how you see life and in essence, how it comes to define your identity.