Our Services/Brand

Our Services

The Artropolis services span across photographic art, art consulting, photo book and photo card design.

GALLERY @ THE ARTROPOLIS is an art gallery involved in promoting and selling digital media and photographic art. It also offers Art Consulting services and has a dedicated team of artists, photographers and designers who participate in every aspect of your project, from sourcing artwork to artist collaboration and recruiting through to commissioned artwork and management. Another offering are photo book and photo card design, to treasure your memories and create your own.

Our Brand

The brand is about creating your own identity through connecting with fashion and fine art, by projecting a message and communicating this message through owning your identity and finding ‘you’. The Artropolis brand is about sharing and growing knowledge, and in doing so being motivated to achieve.

Our vision as a company is to build a metropolis of art where identities are defined through living, connecting with and exploring art, in order to allow us to achieve our purpose and mission, which is to create authentic messages that are communicated through fine art at GALLERY THE ARTROPOLIS and various fine art mediums to share and grow knowledge.

Being a part of The Artropolis community is an unique experience, allowing Artropolitans access to a metropolis of art-it’s a hub of activity where fine art and fashion come together. The Artropolis is proudly South African and focuses on art and fashion across Africa.