Where lights never fade and streets have your name

Specialising in Fashion, Fine Art and Brand

About Us


Founding principals and Artropreneurs, Fuad and Leeya Hendricks started The Artropolis with their passion for fashion and fine art and their exploration of it having traveled extensively across the globe. They have both lived and worked in Europe (which is a melting pot of art & fashion) and have been exposed to different art forms & unique fashion from various cultures and from all parts of the world . With them being seasoned travelers, they have built their expertise in arts and fashion and have collected art and fashion pieces from all their travels. They have investigated the concept of ‘identity’ in fashion as well as art, through meeting dynamic people and experiencing different cultures and environments.  Fuad had always wanted to start his own label and utilise his design and business skills to focus on custom shirts that allowed one to design a look that suited your personality. With Leeya’s constant passion for fine art and art photography, she had always wanted to utilise her marketing expertise to market the up and coming photographic artist in South Africa, by giving them a platform to build their brand.

Who We Are

The Artropolis is locally owned and operated in Johannesburg, South Africa. The Artropolis is a metropolis of art! The city where FASHION, FINE ART and BRAND come together in a vibrant, fresh and funky space. One that is eclectic, sophisticated and unique. You could call it the “Fine Art of living”. It’s all about creating a lifestyle and an identity, a hub of creativity, style and freedom-it’s the Metropolis of Art.

The Artropolis is focused on contemporary art and artists from South Africa across photography and photographic new media, and fashion that speaks the vibrancy and authenticity of the brand.