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Shirt-up for Success

suits“People respond to how we’re dressed, so like it or not this is what you have to do.” – Harvey Specter

The show preaches and epitomises the idea of “dressing for success” as all the male characters are never without an impeccably tailored suit or crisp shirt on. Harvey Specter and Mike Ross shine the brightest – one a superstar partner and the other his freshly minted associate at fictitious law firm  Pearson Specter Litt. The idea of dressing for success is not a new one. It is built on the premise that what you wear contributes largely to your success in the professional world. As you probably guessed they are huge advocates of this idea, as expressed in their “What to Wear to an Interview” post. Here we’ll revisit it anew in the context of the TV series, “Suits.”

A Sensitivity for the Details of Your Look

sensitive_shirtMany men know that thick pinstripe suits often communicate that “boss” or “boardroom” look, but what about other aspects of the suits, such as peak lapels? What are you communicating when you opt for a peak lapel verses a slim notch? When looking at a shirt, French versus Italian cut-away collar? What do the differences mean to you, if anything?

To many, it may not mean a thing. But to those who are discerning of the details – an interviewer, a potential business partner or even that attractive blonde or brunette across the room – it may mean a lot. Just like how you wouldn’t wear a floral print shirt to a funeral, you wouldn’t want to head into a boardroom looking like a clown – so a good shirt that defines who you are is integral to your brand.