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FASHION THE ARTROPOLIS is a fashion portal where you can enjoy the latest in custom fashion for men and women. Find online FASHION THE ARTROPOLIS’S new arrivals and catalogues!

How we use fashion to create an identity

Many of us look into our closet every morning and ponder, “What do I feel like wearing today?” This question can have many different influences on what we wear each day. What we end up wearing depends on how we feel. The phrase, “fashion choice”, doesn’t simply imply the articles of clothing that we choose to put on, it also includes the identity we choose to represent for the day. Through appearance and style individuals announce who they are and who they hope to become. Moreover, they express who they do not want to be or become.

FASHION THE ARTROPOLIS offers you a unique look that allows you to own your identity and stand out from the crowd! It allows you the persona you want to become and the person you wish to announce!


Prices range from R 1200 to R 1800 depending on the fabric selected and level of your customisation: beating any custom shirt pricing by far.