Personal Branding

Building your personal brand

In this day in age you need to build your own brand. Long gone are the days of individuals staying at a job for 15 to 20 years. You have got to be an expert on something. The most important job that you have today is to be the President of your own brand.

The great news is that using today’s technology anyone can create their own brand. It takes dedication, consistency and work, but it can be done. Personal branding is important when it comes down to marketing yourself to others.

You can use personal branding in several ways:

  • To build your own company as an entrepreneur or consultant
  • To market yourself to a company and increase your value as a potential employee
  • To build your own credibility for future ventures

As a brand you increase your value to others, but only if you build your brand strategically so that others are able to see that value.

Steps to Building Your Own Brand

Brand Discovery

Who are you? Where is your passion? What is it that you want your brand to represent? Brand discovery is really to figure out what you want to represent-and not just what you want to represent today, but what is it that you want to represent for the rest of your life.

Creating a personal branding statement can help you in this discovery process, so its key to create one. I will tell you that this is probably the hardest step as you may want to enlist help from friends, peers and coworkers.

Personal Brand Development and Strategy

Once we have created a personal branding statement it’s time to start developing your brand. Once you have the tools it’s time to start building. Remember this will take consistency and dedication, but you can do it.

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