Brand Strategy and Design

Brand Strategy

A plan for the systematic development of a brand in order to meet business objectives. These plans enable your business to improve its competitiveness, its position and reputation in the market.

Brand Positioning Strategy

The process of differentiating a product, service, or company in a customer’s mind to obtain a strategic competitive advantage; the first step in building a brand.

Brand Architecture Strategy

A hierarchy of related brands, often beginning with a master brand, describing its relationship to subbbrands and co-brands; a brand family tree

Brand Design

Brand design is a full-service graphic design offering specialising in identity and branding systems, print collateral, advertising and web design..

Brand Naming

Process to uncover the verbal or written component of a brand icon; the name of a product, service, experience or organization.

Brand Voice

The unique personality of a company as expressed by its verbal and written communications; the verbal dimension of a brand personality.

Brand Workshops

Brand workshops are organised, structured meetings with people who have a stake in the project with the purpose of “working”-wrestling through issues, making decisions and documenting results-toward the production of a specific work product.

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