Brand Consulting

BRAND THE ARTROPOLIS is a consultancy service that specialises in the design, creation, building and management of brands. We are experienced in everything from positioning to naming, to  strategy to launching brands internally and externally. If you are seeking to build a brand that reaches into small or large markets or competitive fields, we have the expertise.

Our services involves establishing specific branding plans, tactics and creative concepts to drive business growth. Whether this involves external communications or integration of internal initiatives, we help develop the optimal branding identity and can also assist with implementation.

The way you present yourself, your business, product or service creates an impression, and that impression is your brand. It’s the personification of your business and it has an impact on your success. Where an organisation is selling to multiple personalities, it’s vital to connect everyone on common ground. The goal should be to stimulate engaging conversations that allow customers; albeit current or future; to strengthen their perceptions of the brand in question, whilst conveying consistency, clarity and truth.

Our Brand Consultancy services include:

Brand Strategy and Design

Brand design is a full-service graphic design offering specialising in identity and branding systems, print collateral, advertising and web design.

Brand Strategy services includes creating a plan for the systematic development of a brand in order to meet business objectives. These plans enable your business to improve its competitiveness, its position and reputation in the market.

Other brand consulting services included in the above is: Brand Naming, Brand Positioning, Brand Architecture and Brand Workshops.

Personal Branding

Branding you-Brand discovery is figuring out what you want to represent as an individual and creating a personal branding statement.

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